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It really does work, I lost 85 pounds in less than 12 months. Went from a size 16 to a size 2. A lot of people don't even recognize me anymore. I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.
I've had 2 children in 2 years, and was feeling really ashamed of my body. I bought lipozene because I've used it years ago and it had worked wonders. So far I'm one bottle in (5 days) and I've lost 11 pounds. IN FIVE DAYS!. i haven't exercised, not even once. I hate drinking water and drink maybe 2 bottles a day. I'm amazed. I never get jitters or nausea from Lipozene, like with other diet pills. I literally just take it, never feel hungry, and I'm shrinking. Thank you Lipozene!
Estevan, Saskatchewan
I have been using Lipozene for a week now and dropped 7lbs ( that is not what I'm impressed about since I go up and down 10lbs in a day or two) but what I really like is that I don't feel hungry so with that being said it gives me the opportunity to eat more healthy. I eat healthy on my 3 main meals but what gets me off the track is snacking in between because snacking on a cup of veggies or whatever else you would consider healthy was not enough for me, I needed those carbs to satisfy my cravings. I am really happy with my appetite that Lipozene helped me achieve and if it continues to do it's work I know this will help me to loose weight. We often believe in scale more than anything, one wise woman told me a long time ago to use your favorite piece of clothing as your scale but our brain believes in that scale so if I see scale going down I believe whatever I'm doing is working. Lipozene made me believe that it's working. I wish everybody the best of luck and keep you posted in 30 days..........

San Diego, California
I took part of a clinical study using lipozene along with a strict diet plant and moderate exercise. The product gave me no side affects. Taking the dosage 30 mins before you eat makes you feel somewhat more full, I could compare the feeling to drinking alot of water before you eat. I am fairly confident this product promotes fat loss when combined with exercise.
liz rentas
Wtby, Connecticut
I have been useing lipozene 4 about 6mth on & off..I have always been over wieght & having 6 kids addded on 2 my wieght.I can say lipozene is GREAT I went from 230 to 175 cant be happier...
Minneapolis, Minnesota
i just started taking lipozene and i feel so good i changed the way i eat and i do more moving around i have a 2 year old so she keeps me going as well.... this pill is better then anyother pill i have taken i have a feeling im going to keep taking this one tell i reach the weight i want to be!!!!!!!
Comments: Congratulations, Cassandra!

Lipozene Customer Service
Diana P
San Diego, California
I have tried everything to lose weight and always gained back my weight. I hated the pills that make you feel jittery. I decided to try Lipozene and i was surprised to see how quickly it worked for me. I felt no jitters & I immediately fell full the first time trying it. I have lost 17 lbs in about 2.5 months and kept it off. I recently went on a week long cruise and brought it with me.I was able to enjoy every yummy meal on the cruise in moderation.I was not deprived, I never felt starved on Lipozene. I weighed in after the cruise and DID NOT GAIN even an ounce of weight. Lipozene works. I am 51 years old and I look and feel better than ever before! Thank-you LIPOZENE! You have changed my life forever!
Beverly Eisman
Franklin, Pennsylvania
I have used Lipozene as directed for the past two weeks along with my exercise and diet regime with absolutely zero results! I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend this product. If the "Select Rating" wasn't a required field, I would not have selected even one star.
Comments: Hi, Beverly! We definitely recommend you try Lipozene for the full risk-free trial period of 30 days. If you purchased the product online or via one of our commercials, we offer a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your weight loss results, you can send the product back for a full product refund. Everyone’s body responds differently to the active ingredient in Lipozene and some take longer to respond than others. Best of luck to you!

Lipozene Customer Service
Adrian, Michigan
I just started lipozene as of thursday this week its now saturday. I have to admit this pill is amazing. Since i have been taking this pill (as reccomended on the package)and drinking water throughout the day my intake of food has decreased a ton. i feel full up to 7 HOURS without any snacking. However since its only been 3 days i have not seen any results.. i am happy so far with this. i would honestly give this a rating of 5 stars but cannot yet due to me not having the weight loss results yet. (like i stated its only been like 2 1/2 actual days) i WILL continue with lipozene. i will also update my results as well.. this is so amazing that last night i was unable to finish an aprox. 1/2 lb pork steak and 1 cup of corn. i had started with the corn and ate that by the time i finished the corn and drank a few drinks of water i took 2 bites (2 Bites) of pork steak and could not eat any more due to being actually full. amazing for me, cause only if you knew im the type that will eat and snack all day/night long non stop. im at least 209 weighing in as of right now. :( but it will change im also positive! this is gonna be life changing. i will be following back on my results month to month.. thank you so much lipozene...
Ralph Campion
Walkerton, Indiana
WHAT A RIP OFF WHAT THEY DON'T bother to tell you about the 30 dat money back program. It is charged to your account then you wait for shipment,the 30 days starts with order date. Product DOSEN'T WORK LIKE THEY SAY!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: Hi, Ralph! The 30 day money back guarantee does not start on your order date. We do allow a grace period for shipping. Please call customer service with any additional questions at 888/220-8907. Thanks!

Lipozene Customer Service
Harvey, Illinois
At first I was kind of scared to use a dietary supplement but for Lipozene, to be my first time using any kind of supplement works fine for me!!! I would encourage anyone to use it if they need an extra push on their weight goal!!!
Helped Lost Weight, Tastes Fine, No Side Effects, Works quickly.

Eating is a habbit formed in your brain, you're not really hungry all the time. A little willpower goes a long way. Lose the habbit, lose the FAT.
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