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It really does work, I lost 85 pounds in less than 12 months. Went from a size 16 to a size 2. A lot of people don't even recognize me anymore. I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.
I've had 2 children in 2 years, and was feeling really ashamed of my body. I bought lipozene because I've used it years ago and it had worked wonders. So far I'm one bottle in (5 days) and I've lost 11 pounds. IN FIVE DAYS!. i haven't exercised, not even once. I hate drinking water and drink maybe 2 bottles a day. I'm amazed. I never get jitters or nausea from Lipozene, like with other diet pills. I literally just take it, never feel hungry, and I'm shrinking. Thank you Lipozene!
Prineville, Oregon
Hi all i just started today 7-21-12 and i am excited to see what this product will do for me. My min goal is at least 5 lbs however if this works better then expected you can be im going to order more :) i'll keep you updated on this product im just looking forward to looking like a hot momma that i am :) have a great day everybody :)
This is the best product that have come out with in years! i eat what i want and still lose weight. i love it.
Miami, Florida
I must admit I didn't expect much when I first tried Lipozene. However, since I've been plagued all my life with a stubborn layer of fat on my midsection I figured I didn't have anything to lose, except for the fat of course. But I must say after only 1 week of trying Lipozene I noticed a difference; my midsection looked firmer, I could feel more muscle tissue beneath a now thinner layer of fat, and I have to wear belts with my pants now lest they sag around my butt. My results are by no means typical I'll admit, since I've always had a high metabolism to start, but it did nothing for my midsection. It took Lipozene to get me past that threshold of fat loss I thought I'd never experience. I took 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to 2 main meals for 1 week. Afterwards, I reduced my intake to 1 capsule, 2 times per day. I'm really glad I took the chance and ordered Lipozene. I'll definitely be a return customer. Thanks a million!
Comments: Congratulations, Lee! Thanks for sharing your story.

Lipozene Customer Service
College Park
I would highly recommend this product. I've been taking Lipozene for about a month now and have lost 10 lbs. This has given me the motivation to continue my weight loss.
My cousin introduced me to Lipozene, she has been taking lipozene for 2months & has lost 21 lbs & is looking great.
If your serious about loosing weight this is the product to get.
San Marcos, California
I took the 2 capsules about 30min before every meal. It cut my hunger by more then half. then i lost about 15 lbs in a month
Waco, Texas
This was the first day my husband and i started using Lipozene... No side of affects like with other deit pills which is a blessing in its self. We are so excited to see where we will be in 6 mths. We are both needing to lose 135 pounds for our health. So I will keep you informed. 5 stars is because there is nothing negative to report...
Chicago, Illinois
I took 2 pills 30 min before meals and in 2 weeks I lost 4 pounds.
I am going to try 2 bottles more and if its true. I didn't feel hungry, but I eat to take the pills.
Haverhill, Massachusetts
I have been using this product for a month now and have lost nothing. I was just wondering how long it takes to lose weight with this product. Should I give up on it or does it take longer for it to work.
Comments: Hi, Tracy! Everyone’s body responds differently to the active ingredient in Lipozene and some take longer to respond than others. Best of luck to you!

Lipozene Customer Service
norma palaguachi
Hackensack, New Jersey
I have not ordered this product yet but i am hopeing to get some feed back.
i weigh 240 lbs and I have been trying to lose weight. I go up and down , i lose a little and then i
go back up again.

I have chronic high blood pressure, diabeties, high cholesterol and depression.
the question I am throwing out there is ..........does anyone know if this is safe to take with all my
sicknesses. i take many medication and don't know if this product will mess with my medications.

thank you so much for advice you may be able to give.
Comments: Hi, Norma! Though Lipozene is an all-natural product, we recommend your consult your physician prior to taking Lipozene with any prescription medications. Best wishes to you!

Lipozene Customer Service
Chula Vista, California
I've taking this for 1-Month and already lost 6 lbs!!!!
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