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It really does work, I lost 85 pounds in less than 12 months. Went from a size 16 to a size 2. A lot of people don't even recognize me anymore. I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.
I've had 2 children in 2 years, and was feeling really ashamed of my body. I bought lipozene because I've used it years ago and it had worked wonders. So far I'm one bottle in (5 days) and I've lost 11 pounds. IN FIVE DAYS!. i haven't exercised, not even once. I hate drinking water and drink maybe 2 bottles a day. I'm amazed. I never get jitters or nausea from Lipozene, like with other diet pills. I literally just take it, never feel hungry, and I'm shrinking. Thank you Lipozene!
Coral Springs, Florida
I have been taking and I d aren't work for me I don't lose no pounds and I stop taking I got even more weight .........................
Comments: Hi, Suey! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t lose weight. I would encourage you to call Lipozene customer service (888/220-8907) to discuss the details of how you were taking the product. A customer service representative will be able to discuss optimum dosage with you and tips to ensure the best results possible. Based on clinical studies, recommended dosage for optimum results is daily maximum dosage of 6 capsules per day.

Lipozene Customer Service
Milledgeville, Georgia
With lipozene and a strict carb diet i have lost FIVE pounds in one week. Thanks Lipozene!!!
Newaygo, Michigan
I have been taking this product for just under two weeks. I have lost four pounds and one inch off from my waist. I take two pills twice daily with my two bigger meals. Going to keep on taking it for another two weeks to see what happens. I have personally had zero side effects from this product. Hope it works for others out there that need to lose a lot of weight. Good luck
jonathan caro
Kansas City, Kansas
i have seen this produvt on tv and i have a question.

i have had about 3 seizures but they are under controlled very good. Will this product work for me or will it be bad?
Comments: Hi, Jonathan - We recommend you consult your primary physician prior to taking any dietary supplement.

Lipozene Customer Service
Charlotte, North Carolina
I have used the product periodically. It is easy to use and I get quick results, to trim off excess - especially after a vacation. It works great.
paul low
Portland, Maine
I had my brother order this for me a week ago,how long does it take to get to maine???
Comments: Hi, Paul! If your brother opted for regular shipping, the timeframe is 3 - 5 weeks. Rush delivery is 5 - 8 business days. Best of luck!

Lipozene Customer Service
A. Manus
Carthage, Tennessee
I bought this product on Memorial day and started it that day. 3 days later I feel as if I have the energy I had years ago. Haven't weighed since Memorial day and I don't want to for awhile, hoping to be suprised. I am watching my food intake and having this newfound energy is getting me away from my desk and up off the couch. I will return when my first 30 days is over and let you know how it's doing. Have a blessed day!!
Comments: Keep us posted on your progress, A. Manus!

Lipozene Customer Service
Laverne Bremer
Lyalta, Alberta
Can you get this sent to Canada or not as I would like to order some if possible.
Bryans Road, Maryland
Awesome product... I have been using this for almost a month and I can see the difference!I find that that I continue to drink plenty of water the results are so much faster! WOW!! I am ordering more this week to reach my goal weight!! THANK YOU!
caroline mccormick
High Point, North Carolina
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